Made for a 12-hour game jam, GalactiMAX has the player shooting aliens for points to pierce the heavens! As more aliens are defeated, the player's ship will increase in size and power. How big can this ship get?!


  • Any keyboard key, touch, or A/Start Gamepad will begin the game,
  • Arrow keys, Touch, Gamepad D-Pad, or Gamepad Left Joystick move the ship.
  • Firing your bullets is automatic, no button input necessary!
  • Dodge alien fire. The blue box on your ship is your hitbox!
  • Collect the wrench to restore your shield.

Game created by:

  • AJ Ryan - Game designer and Programmer
  • Steve Felix - Player and Alien artist
  • Clayton Butcher - Title and Logo Design
  • Ben Thornburg - Music


Download 30 MB
Download 30 MB
Download 31 MB

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